Eryn L. Oberlander, M.D.

Psychiatrist : Health and Relationship Coach

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and life quality and received the personal attention you deserve? 

It’s key to experience that life-changing hour with a medical doctor to upgrade your health status and life quality via enhancing your nutritional intake, career and relationship satisfaction, physical energy, mental clarity, and creative flow. As a board certified psychiatrist and health promotion coach, I convey essential medical knowledge with emotional support, enabling you to envision and implement your true health goals. From health springs life !   

Conventional nutritional approaches dwell on calorie restriction and deprivation. We must come to think of food as the metaphor for how we take in all of life ! I will encourage you to 'live-it' and not 'di-et' ; filling your 'life plate' with pleasurable nourishment, that is physically and spiritually ample and satisfying. We don't deprive, we 'crowd out' poor choices with better choices. Thus we feel good and unashamed, before-during-and-after the eating process. We slow down and tune into eating more aesthetically, heightening our sensory awareness to "eat less - more" ! We separate digestion from emotional angst; because we mentally address and clear out emotional problems before we eat. We eat what feels good to incorporate and hold onto within.

Our food builds our bodies on a cellular level, and we ward off diseases. Our nourishment is healing, restorative, energizing and fueling. We eat close to nature's source so the menus are simple and convenient. I can teach you to shop, stock the refrigerator, and simply cook. We are experimental and flexible and have fun tasting new spices, textures and flavors. We eat to make our brains clear, our moods stable, our skin glow, our legs walk, our sexuality radiate, our self-esteem rise....

Changing the basic template of how we eat inevitably changes the way we live ! Once we feed ourselves to wellness, all other aspects of our lives can better evolve and fall into a more rightful place for ourselves. We make decisions from a higher self-esteem, less destructive and sabotaging place. The body can function more naturalistically attuned to its innate self-healing capacity; and hence, less dependent on extra medication. We are more mobile and attractive, and can assert ourselves on earth with greater presence, purpose, and passion. The garden of eating is just the beginning....  

Exercise, deliberate and scheduled - or functionally integrated into a walking lifestyle and choreographing the doing of life chores - is the foundation of mental and physical health. Movement connects body to mind. E-motion necessitates motion : we move the body to mobilize the channels of life energy. Blood circulates and bathes our vital organs, our basal metaboiic rate is better generated, we create brain-growing, feel-good chemicals like neurotrophic growth factor, endorphins and dopamine. We resist negative stress-producing chemicals like cortisol which pack on belly fat and shrink the sea-horse shaped hippocampus, memory center of our brains. An exercised body chooses a better menu naturally, and we are primed for sexier life engagement.   

No one diet works for everyone. There is bioindividuality: I can guide you to find the nourishing choices which best support you as a uniquely productive person. You outline your goals, and I'll help you to make gradual  changes you can implement and stay with.

Medication, where and when necessary,is helpful but we should make our baseline bodies as healthy as possible through a consistent lifestyle of positive mindset, exercise and nutrition. In this way, medication regiments are minimized to maxmal effectiveness.  

Could a few conversations change your life? Sometimes we need a 'change-agent' or facilitator to freshen our perspective, clarify blindspots, import creative and knowledgeable ideas, and provide companionship through the challenge of change. Dr. Oberlander can serve as your health voice and guide; journeying with you right back to the central and essential core of yourself. Sometimess in the stress of life, we lose ourselves and betray ourselves.  Dr. Oberlander, psychiatrist - health coach, can verbally walk you through your own door. Healing really is coming home to the self.